Practice Policy 7. Sabbatical Leave/Break in Clinical Practice

Introduction Due to personal circumstances, sometimes a break in practice may be required. This may be because of illness, bereavement or other unforeseen event, or a member may opt to take Sabbatical Leave. Member Organisations are required to have Practice Guidelines in place for their members in these circumstances. Member Organisations (COSRT members) will follow the COSRT application for a Break in Practice. COSRT members, who are UKCP Registered, must adhere to the UKCP requirements and will also be required to request leave from UKCP via the following procedure.

The time limit on a Break in Practice or Sabbatical Leave from UKCP is one year. Members needing to take longer break will need to submit a special application to the ‘Registrar’.

1. Requesting Sabbatical Leave and/or Break in Clinical Practice

UKCP Members can request Sabbatical Leave/Break in Practice for a period of no more than one year, by application to the Membership Department of UKCP ( The Member must fill in the Sabbatical Application form. Under special circumstances, where the member requires longer than one year, the Sabbatical Leave/ Breaks in Practice can be extended with prior agreement from the UKCP Registrar. This has be to be in writing.

2. Criteria for taking Sabbatical Leave/Break in Clinical Practice

The Member must have successfully completed one years membership and be in good standing (e.g. fully paid up member, no complaints and attend regular CPD) with their organisational member. No consecutive application for Sabbatical Leave/Break in Clinical Practice has been made and approved prior to this application. In the event of a trainee application, agreement must be sought from the course provider/s in the training organisation/s for any students/trainees wishing to take a sabbatical (education break), prior to the application to UKCP.

3. Approval of Application for Sabbatical Leave/Break in Clinical Practice

Approval will be confirmed by the UKCP Membership Department to the Member in writing such as by email, giving a confirmed date of return. Membership and fee at any time up until this date will be pro-rated and be carried across into the following year. The Member will pay the remaining months to renew their membership. UKCP do not refund membership fees as part of a sabbatical.
The applicant’s name will be removed from the registers and/or directories while on sabbatical. For full Clinical Members this will include the ‘Find-a-Therapist’ function on the UKCP web site. If the applicant fails to restore their membership by the confirmed date they will need to reapply though an organisational member, unless special circumstances have been agreed with the UKCP Registrar. They will also be liable to pay the relevant membership fee.

4. Return to Practice

Sabbatical Leave in Clinical Practice granted through this policy will be recorded at the UKCP register so it can be monitored. At the end of the Sabbatical Leave and/or Break in Clinical Practice, the applicant is expected to inform UKCP of their return so their membership and registration can be reinstated. Failure to reinstate the membership by one year to the day of the Sabbatical Leave and/or Break in Clinical Practice starting, will result in the applicant having to re-apply for UKCP membership through an organisational member.

Members of CSRP are requested to inform the Honorary Secretary of CSRP of the date of commencement of the break and the date of their return.csrp