Expenses Policy and Claims

This is the UKCP Expenses Policy and the College for Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapy has adopted this. A claim form is obtainable from the UKCP Office, address below. Please note that invoices or other proof of purchase need to be included, wherever possible, and forms need to be signed by the College Treasurer or Chair before forwarding to:

Finance Office UKCP, 2nd Floor Edward House 2 Wakley Street London EC1V 7LT

In order to comply with good practice guidelines from the Charity Commission and the National Council of Voluntary Organisation, and with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs regulations relating to the payment of expenses, UKCP has adopted the following policy.

This policy applies to all UKCP expense claims received from staff, Officers, Committee and Board members.

UKCP values the contribution of its volunteers and believes that all volunteers are entitled to reimbursement of expenses, including costs associated with volunteering by members of the Board of Trustees. Volunteers are entitled to claim reimbursement of the out of pocket expenses detailed in this policy, and will be encouraged to do so.

UKCP staff are also entitled to claim legitimate expenses for business costs incurred when travelling for work purposes.

Whenever expenses are incurred whilst on UKCP business, the need for economy should be a priority. Wherever possible travel should be booked in advance and the lowest cost route and ticket selected. Tickets should be booked as far in advance as possible to achieve the best savings.

Attention should also be paid to the environmental impact of travel.

The guidance and process for reimbursement is outlined below:

Travel expenses

Transport costs may be claimed if incurred travelling to and from Board and Committee meetings, or if incurred in the course of any UKCP work requested or authorised by the Finance Committee, Chief Executive, or the Board of Trustees.

Underground tickets

Please retain your travel card or tickets as your expenses receipt, if your journey is in excess of £10.00.

Car mileage

When it is necessary to travel by car or motor bike, mileage may be claimed at 35p per mile for car or 24p per mile for bike. Please also see the section below regarding insurance.

Note: If an individual chooses to travel by car rather than use public transport for their own personal reasons, they may claim an amount up to the public transport cost that would have applied had early booking occurred. Please contact the office in advance of this.


In some circumstances, it may be necessary to use a taxi, for example where public transport is not available or where equipment is being carried to meetings. Please note that taxi fares will only be reimbursed with a full receipt. Please also add the reason for taxi use in the ‘description’ section of your expense claim form.

National rail and air fares

When booking long distance train journeys or air fares, please contact the UKCP office where arrangements can be made on your behalf. Early booking can substantially reduce the cost of travel, so please submit your request by email to the UKCP office at least 1 month prior to the date of travel.

Should you wish to purchase non-standard class tickets, the additional cost will not be reimbursed unless approved in advance.

Subsistence expenses

When it is necessary to stay away from home due to meeting attendance, meals may be claimed to a maximum of: `

£10 for breakfast £15 for lunch £30 for evening meal.

Again, receipts are required. Snacks in addition to meals, and alcoholic drinks, may not be claimed for.

Overnight stays

Where it is necessary to stay at a hotel overnight to attend meetings, accommodation in London should be booked via the UKCP office. Requests should be submitted in writing at least 2 weeks prior to the arrival date. This enables UKCP to secure the best possible rate. Once booked, UKCP will send you confirmation via email. The cost of bed and breakfast for 1 person only will be covered. All extra items must be settled by the guest on departure.

In exceptional circumstances, should you wish to make your own arrangements the cost of accommodation, to a maximum budget £120.00, may be claimed,. If the cost of accommodation exceeds this budget, authorisation by the UKCP office must be given before the booking is confirmed.

Other expenses

Claims for postage, stationery or telephone calls should be accompanied by receipts, where possible.

If other exceptional expenses are foreseen, these should wherever possible be agreed with the Finance Committee or Chair of the appropriate Committee in advance. For example, if a VIP is being entertained it may be considered appropriate to exceed the maximum subsistence amount and to allow for alcohol to be provided.

Note: Where exceptional circumstances lead to the claiming of expenses that are above or outside those covered by this policy, these claims will be referred to the Chair and Chief Executive for decision.

Making a claim

Expenses claim forms can be obtained from the UKCP office.

Receipts must be provided wherever possible.

The UKCP office will process all expenses claims within one month of authorisation by the budget holder. It is therefore important that budget holders make time to authorise claims for their areas promptly in order to avoid delays.

Claim forms should, where possible, be submitted no later than two months after the meeting/event.

At year end (30th September) all outstanding expenses for the previous 12 months should be claimed and the forms submitted by the 7th October, to facilitate closing the accounts for the year-end audit.

Insurance cover

Volunteers who prefer to use their private motor vehicles on UKCP business may do so, provided their insurance polices contain the following minimum requirements:

Normal third-party insurance as required by law for all road users, and including cover for damage to the property of third parties; Cover for bodily injury to, or death of, any passengers; Cover for the use by the policy holder in person on UKCP official business with the following conditions:

  1. receipt of mileage allowance does not constitute “hire”, and receipt of a passenger allowance does not constitute “hire and reward”;
  2. indemnifies the UKCP as an employer against third-party risks to the same extent as the insured is covered by his/her own policy;
  3. permits the carriage of UKCP goods in the car (insurance of goods themselves is not necessary).

Although comprehensive insurance is not a requirement, volunteers should note that the UKCP will, in no circumstances, be responsible for repairs to a private vehicle that has been damaged while in use on UKCP business.