Criteria for Supervisor Approval

Definition of Supervision

Supervision is defined as a contractual working alliance between the supervisor and a practitioner in which the practitioner can offer an account or recording of his/her work, reflect on it, receive feedback and, where appropriate, guidance. The object of the alliance is to enable the practitioner to gain and maintain an ethical competence, knowledge, skills, confidence and creativity so as to give his/her best possible service to his/her clients.

These Approval Criteria have been laid down by COSRT, who also administer the procedure whereby a supervisor may become approved

To become an Approved Supervisor

  1. Applicant must be an accredited member of COSRT and have been an accredited member for a minimum of two years.
  2. Applicant must have completed a supervision course of no less than 80 hours plus:

(a) one day training in supervision of sexual and relationship psychotherapy or

(b) presentation of a written Supervision Case Study as below:

This case study of 2500 words (+ 10%) should demonstrate the applicant’s skills and knowledge when supervising sexual and relationship psychotherapy with an individual or couple. This should include:

• Details of the contract with the supervisee.

• Theoretical understanding of sexual and relationship psychotherapy

• Knowledge of the physical, psychological and relational aspects of psychotherapy

• Knowledge of current medical developments in the field of sexual and relationship psychotherapy

• Consideration of ethical issues relevant to sexual and relationship issues

• Awareness and management of transference and counter-transference when working with a couple in sexual and relationship psychotherapy

• Awareness of and attention paid to the supervisory relationship.

• Use made of consultation in supervising the supervisee.

Further requirements are:

  1. Eighty hours of supervision must have been completed with two or more practitioners over a two-year period prior to the application.
  2. Forty of the eighty supervision hours must have been in the supervision of sexual and relationship work with two or more practitioners.
  3. Applicants must have regular access to a supervisor/consultant or a peer supervision group for the supervisory work, and attend and use that access a minimum of six times a year (minimum of six hours). If the only supervision of the supervisory work is in a group, then that group should not exceed four members. If the applicant has recently completed their supervision training we would recommend that the group is facilitated. A reference will be sought from the applicant’s supervisor/consultant.
  4. Applicant must be a practising sexual and relationship psychotherapist.
  5. Applicants must have insurance cover for undertaking clinical supervision.

October 2012