AGM minutes final 15.07.19
CSRP Annual General Meeting 2019 minutes
Wednesday 5th June 2019 from 18.00 to 19.00
held via Zoom
1. Welcome, introductions and apologies
Julie Fitter (CSRP Chair) welcomed attendees, who were Duncan Branley (kindly hosting zoom meeting), Charmian Beer, Heather Storr, Richard Simpson, Sue Maxwell, Richard Newbury, Doug Stowe and a proxy support of nominations was sent by Barry Gower.
Apologies had been received from Rima Hawkins, Rose Whiteley and Barry Gower.
2. Minutes of previous meeting
Minutes/notes of the previous AGM were agreed and accepted, although it was noted that the last AGM was not quorate, based on the CSRP constitution at the time.
3. The Nominations
The nominations for Executive Committee members had been circulated before the meeting and were accepted as follows:
Julie Fitter – Chair and PRCCF Representative
Richard Simpson – Vice Chair and ETPC Representative
Duncan Branley – Chair of CSRP Ethics Committee
Charmian Beer – Members’ Forum Representative
Heather Storr – Co-opted member
Rose Whiteley – Co-opted member
AGM minutes final 15.07.19
Rima Hawkins – stepped down as Honorary Secretary – the position remains vacant
4. The Annual Report – A copy was submitted by the Chair and discussed at the meeting.
The process of members’ Reaccreditation (with UKCP) had taken up a lot of time. There had not been chance to talk through the process with COSRT (OM).
The previous year’s (2018) inquorate AGM was discussed. It was noted that the decision to hold the present AGM (2019) mid-week had not increased attendance and that those who had raised an issue with Friday meetings were not in attendance.
It was agreed that CSRP could adopt the UKCP constitution rather than write its own.
It was agreed that the UKCP’s lower quorum figure of two might be too low, and, following discussion, it was agreed that the figure for CSRP would be five. The Chair agreed to report these changes to UKCP.
It was noted that CSRP does not have diversity and equality or membership committees, and other committees suggested in the UKCP constitutional document. After discussion, it was agreed that Colleges needed a critical mass to be able to serve their members. It was noted that the current Chair does a lot and that the role was onerous. There was some discussion about the possibility of streamlining the College tasks and the need to be realistic and to prioritise. The Chair noted that all the tasks requested by UKCP had been done, but other members noted that it was hard work. The Chair suggested that members could be asked if they were interested in undertaking time-limited task, and that as CSRP is a small college it might be helpful to centralise tasks. It was noted that CSRP is different from larger Colleges.
The Chair noted that very little feedback was received from members, when they asked. The question was raised about the possibility of a merger with the systemic college. This had been considered in the past but had been shelved as it was felt at the time that CSRP was not at same stages of readiness. Also, the College review had indicated
AGM minutes final 15.07.19
that colleges could continue as they are currently, but it may be possible to reconsider a merger in future, which would relieve Colleges of their administrative burden.
It was further noted that PRCFF gives CSRP a voice and that the Chair talks to the Chair of CSFTC. Eve Smith (at UKCP) will do some of CSRP’s admin work, but will probably not want to work outside regular working hours when CSRP might need her (evenings and weekends).
Post meeting note – Eve will be leaving UKCP as she has another job. The vacancy will be recruited to as soon as possible by UKCP Central office.
UKCP are looking to standardise payments to volunteers for particular roles within colleges. It was the view of the meeting that centralised secretarial/admin support would be welcomed.
Mail outs to members via Mailchimp were discussed: most members receive the mail shots, but RS said that he didn’t. If UKCP does the mail out, it requires editorial control and it was felt it was better for CSRP to have its own mail list.
Post meeting note – CSRP may lose control of this function in line with standardization within colleges and due to data protection changes leading to the UKCP wanting to manage their own data
The Reaccreditation process had resulted in the loss of 18 members, some of whom were coming towards retirement. UKCP had indicated that colleges generated their own procedures for reaccreditation of those members winding down to retirement, as there was no UKCP guidance yet available, although it is due for publication soon.
The Chair noted that CSRP needs to ensure that UKCP and COSRT requirements are aligned.
DS suggested that staggering reaccreditation and having it as rolling programme might have been helpful. The Chair explained that CSRP had suggested three per month over five years, but COSRT Admin had wanted to do all at once. The Chair noted that there is the opportunity to submit annually. UKCP have suggested that they will stop random audit once five-yearly reaccreditation is up and running for all colleges. A joint CSRP and COSRT meeting to discuss reaccreditation and improve it in future will be arranged; JF to talk to Jo Coker at COSRT conference.
AGM minutes final 15.07.19
As the Hon.Sec. was stepping down, the Chair said she would email the Executive Committee with an overview of the role from RH, along with her own ideas. UKCP admin might help with minutes. DS suggested recording and transcribing meetings. All this year’s meetings of the Executive Committee have been via Zoom.
DB agreed to do a modality presentation for UKCP and would send something to members of the Executive Committee too.
ETPC – RS reported on the ETPC Away Day, at which the therapy requirement for training therapists had been discussed – requirements vary. COSRT requires 50 hours and not specifically during training. Some trainings require 40 hours/year during training over five years. Training hours and their relationship to quality are being looked at in COSRT and also at ETPC.
COSRT Quinquennial Review – CB had been involved with this. UKCP had asked that all COSRT courses were in line with UKCP. It was noted that this topic warranted a longer conversation.
JF is to be an assessor for the CFCST QR and it is hoped that this will be an interesting comparison. It was noted that COSRT/CSRP courses are often subsequent to another training.
RS reported that ETPC had also been considering lone working and safeguarding, and dual roles.
Members’ Forum – CB reported that it had not been happening. CB is a trustee at COSRT too and has been active.
Supervision Documents – CB & HS are looking at these; they were thanked by the Chair.
AGM minutes final 15.07.19
The issue of whether UKCP could enforce protected titles was raised; it was noted that they had no legal jurisdiction to do this. It might be possible to seek support/recognition with PSA, perhaps.
The Psychosexual Counsellor role was considered; trainees would be eligible after a three-year rather than four-year training programme. There has been scant support from trainers – only Judi and Berndt at the London Diploma fed back. It was thought possible that the new COSRT CEO might back the PC role.
UKCP podcast on sex addiction – CSRP had complained about this (including RS directly). JF put in her report to Board. The new UKCP CEO had contacted JF. COSRT has good, experienced professionals who could have contributed to this.
It was agreed that holding the AGM by Zoom had been good and that time and travelling costs had been kept low. It was noted, however, that it had not increased numbers.
The Chair closed the AGM at 7.15pm and thanked those for attending.

Annual Report for AGM 2019
UKCP College for Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapy
Annual report 2018-2019
Executive Committee
Unless any further nominations are received prior to the start of the AGM on 5th June, the following positions are proposed. The Chair of CSRP elected last AGM is Julie Fitter, who will continue for a final third year of the three year term of office. Richard Simpson has continued as Vice Chair and will also continue to do so for the third of his three year term of office. Rima Hawkins has served as Honorary Secretary and hopes to stand down following this meeting related to ongoing health issues. Barry Gower stepped into retirement following the AGM and we were pleased to welcome Duncan Branley to take over as Chair of Ethics. We have also been fortunate to have returned to the CSRP Executive committee Charmian Beer, who has taken over as UKCP Members Forum representative, Rose Whitely and Heather Storr, who were proposed elected members at the last AGM.
Richard Simpson has continued to serve as ETPC representative and act as one of our links between COSRT management board with Rima Hawkins.
Julie Fitter will continue to serve the Treasurer function for CSRP and attends the UKCP PRCCF meetings.
The Executive Committee is very active, usually meets 4 to 6 times a year and corresponds between meetings so issues can be dealt with as they arise rather than having long delays before receiving attention. Our meetings this last year have been via Zoom. The list below summarises what we have been doing.
Attending meetings of the UKCP Professional Regulatory Committee for Colleges and Faculties. This is a core committee of UKCP where the concerns and views of members are heard and taken forward within UKCP. We review documents from other colleges and pass on to our Executive and members anything which will affect them. This year key issue have been the review of colleges, which is still ongoing, working towards the raising the public profile of Psychotherapy and UKCP, which is a strong commitment of CEO Sarah Niblock. We are currently reviewing our Supervision standards and documents to ensure they are in line with UKCP revised standards 2019.
We continue to maintain links with all COSRT Course Directors to promote membership of CSRP/UKCP to their students and have been exploring options for a recognised 3 year training qualification equivalent to Psychotherapeutic Counsellor to apply to Psychosexual Counsellor. There has been relatively little expressed interest in doing so far, with only one existing training provider getting in contact about this.
We worked closely with COSRT to roll out the 5 yearly reaccreditation policy and members were contacted to submit their documents last year, to demonstrate that they are meeting
Annual Report for AGM 2019
the requirements. This was a difficult process for all concerned and not without expressions of concern and casualties to membership, in particular where members working towards retirement felt the requirements to be too onerous.
We would especially like to thank Jo, Anne and the team at COSRT who undertook this process on behalf of CSRP, and spent much of their precious time dealing with queries and consternations, supporting members and putting systems in place. This was one mammoth task as all members were required to submit at the same time, and we will need to learn in preparation for next time how to improve this for all concerned.
Following on from successful implemented the descriptors Sex and Relationship Psychotherapist or Psychosexual Psychotherapist, we are now looking at whether there is a process for protecting the title of couples or psychosexual psychotherapist and Julie is taking this to PRCCF meetings. These meetings are themselves being reviewed with the role of PRCCF and how this fits within the UKCP Governance and management structures and processes. At the away day in May, members (College Chairs) were keen to ensure that the UKCP central office and management board keeps an open link with members
The re-drafting the CSRP constitution led to identification of areas that were not consistent with the UKCP articles and constitutional documents. As such there has been a suggestion that we adopt the UKCP constitution as our fall back position. If there are any objections to this, please let Julie Fitter know by end of July, otherwise this will be adopted.
News from UKCP
UKCP is emerging as a much slicker and more efficient organisation, with a developing team of designated office staff, to support colleges and deal with issues of registration and membership, complaints and conduct, finance and media. The web site is being brought up to speed and communication between UKCP and the membership has continued. We receive regular bulletins from the Chair and CEO. News comes from the Media Department, with updates on UKCP involvement in public policies such as Mental Health Funding, Consultation on the NICE guidelines as well as securing a revision of the treatment of Depression, the reduction in services for children, media involvement and other reports. There is a move to address therapists in training, or gaining hours, working for free, in collaboration with the other main organisations, and addressing the issue of receiving fair pay for work done. There has also been a rewriting of the Code of Ethics which is currently out for Consultation within the structure of UKCP and then to the wider membership.
New Psychotherapist is a replacement magazine for the Psychotherapist which reflects the move towards a more public facing organisation.
Annual Report for AGM 2019
Dialogue between UKCP, BACP and other professional bodies continues and this has included the SCOPE project to consider the definitions and remits of the different psychotherapist, therapist, counsellor and psychotherapeutic counsellor titles.
The UKCP Office are now residing in new premises in America House, 2 America Square, London, EC3 2LU. Tel: 020 7014 9955 Email:
COSRT underwent their Quinquennial Review (Autumn 2018) by UKCP with support of CSRP. We are still awaiting final feedback on this process. We look forward to joining those of you attending the Summer Conference on Saturday 8th June.
We are pleased to continue to offer our services to members, UKCP and COSRT as a small Exec Committee and would be very grateful and appreciate for anyone able to give time either to join the Exec, or to contribute on specific tasks or roles that might be identified from time to time, please let Julie Fitter know if you are interested. On your behalf we thank all those who have given their time, energy and expertise for the past year.
We will press forward with contributing to discussions and decisions about the future of colleges and codes of ethics developments within UKCP, 5 yearly reaccreditation, couples therapist protected title, updates to the web site, improving communications between CSRP, COSRT and students, managing the budget, and the other activities outlined above. We are pleased to have been able to arrange this AGM on a midweek day at the request of some members.
Please let us know if there is anything further you would like us to consider.
Julie Fitter
Chair of CSRP
On behalf of the Executive Committee

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