Minutes of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) Friday 16th June 2017

Held at the Union Jack Club, London SE1

Registrants in Attendance:

Margaret Ramage, Charmian Beer, Sarah Collings, Barry Gower, Richard Simpson, Jan Hillman, Kevin Hobbs, Rima Hawkins, Marian O’Connor, Tricia Evans (for part), Christopher Headon, Margot Huish, Violeta Jawdokimova, Sue Maxwell, Richard Newbury, Doug Stow, Duncan Branley, Margaret Jones, Judith C Turner, Jean Miller, Duncan Branley, Jackie Riley, Rosalind D’Ombraine Hewitt, Sally Hastings, Maggie Davies, Nicholas Carroll, Janice Lamb, Gulya Diyarova, Rose Whiteley, Jane Seymour

Also Attending:

Martin Pollecoff Chair of UKCP

Non registrants:

Mari Yamamoto, Michelle Donald, Joanna Benfield, Brenda Clowes

Margaret Ramage, as the retiring executive member of CSRP, took the chair for the meeting. She welcomed everyone and ensured the meeting quorum was met, just in case some had to leave early. She welcomed visitors and also those who were attending their first CSRP AGM.

Margaret thanked Marian O’Connor for organising the ‘Evening with Brett Kahr’, which was due after the AGM.

1. Apologies for absence

Julie Fitter, Kath May, Sally Openshaw, Gill Sanders, Cecilia Friend, Judi Keshet-Orr

2. The Minutes of the previous AGM held on 11th June 2016

These having previously been made available on the CSRP website and at the meeting, were unanimously agreed without a vote.

3. The Nominations

These were read by Margaret Ramage (as set out below) and listed in the Agenda. She suggested these be taken as passed unanimously unless anyone had any issues and the meeting agreed. The new proposed Executive is:

Chair Julie Fitter Nominated by Barry Gower Seconded by Caren Sheppard

Vice Chair Richard Simpson Nominated by Rima Hawkins Seconded by Judi Keshet-Orr

Treasurer Sarah Collings Nominated by Julie Fitter Seconded by Richard Newbury

Hon Secretary Rima Hawkins Nominated by Jan Hillman Seconded by Jean Miller

UKCP Members’ Forum Representative Jan Hillman Nominated by Margaret Ramage Seconded by Andrew Yates

Elected Member Kevin Hobbs Nominated by Sarah Collings Seconded by Charmian Beer

Elected Member Charmian Beer Nominated by Barry Gower Seconded by Margaret Ramage

Marian O’Connor – To remain on the Executive as Tavistock liaison colleague to the committee.

Kevin Hobbs read out an acceptance note from Julie Fitter, which is reproduced at the end of these minutes.

4. The Annual Report

The Annual Report was read out by Margaret Ramage and it was agreed unanimously.

On behalf of CSRP, Richard Simpson presented Margaret Ramage with a bouquet of flowers and proposed a vote of thanks to Margaret for her contribution in developing the CSRP, the hard work she’s put into getting CSRP where it is, and keeping our CSRP known at the UKCP. This was appreciated by all and Margaret thanked all those who are present and all those who had served on the Executive during the past and last year.

5. Any other business

Jan Hillman gave a gift to Mike Karliner to say thank you for his contribution in developing the CSRP website pro bono.

Margaret Ramage formally closed the AGM, noting that the AGM had remained within quorum throughout and thanking the registrants and non-registrants for attending and their commitment both to the College and to the AGM.

Julie Fitter introduces herself

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Firstly I would like to apologise that I am unable to join you this evening. I would have enjoyed being part of the discussion with Brett Kahr. Secondly I would like to thank Kevin for reading this statement out on my behalf. I was surprised to be nominated to take on the Chair of CSRP as I feel inexperienced in involvement in COSRT/UKCP historically. However I do feel committed to Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapy and, with my colleagues in the Executive Committee, and COSRT, will do my best to promote our work.

I can call on a career working in the NHS to this role which includes the last ten years full time as Psychosexual Psychotherapist and service manager at Porterbrook Clinic in Sheffield. Previously I have trained and worked as a Nurse, Midwife and Health Visitor and have a first degree in Psychology. Part of my experience working at Porterbrook Clininc, where I completed my Master’s training in Psychosexual Psychotherapy, was as Course Leader on the Masters programme until it sadly closed in 2015. I also held a part time research post in 2002/3. I feel this has given me an understanding and commitment to training and research, as well as working, in this field.

The success of the appointment will depend upon engagement with prospective, ongoing and veteran ex-members of CSRP, as well as collaboration with the rest of the Executive Committee and COSRT. I look forward to working with you all and to hearing from you on any matters you feel are important and relevant to the promotion and continuation of Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapy.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to add to the thanks to Margaret Ramage for her tireless and generous commitment to COSRT and subsequently setting up CSRP. Without her enthusiasm, wisdom and tenacity we would not be here today, and I personally owe a debt of gratitude for her in supporting my journey with CSRP. Thank you Margaret, and I hope you can truly take the time and rest you deserve in stepping down from such an important and active role with CSRP.

Julie Fitter

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