Roles of Committees and Representatives

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Leads the way on implementing CSRP strategy and work plan, represents the College on UKCP Colleges and Faculties Committee, (6 meetings a year, plus away day), and other UKCP meetings as required, (not many and can send deputy), produces quarterly report to UKCP Board of Trustees. Chairs CSRP Executive meetings, keeps track of what is going on! Sits between UKCP and Organisational Members (COSRT) and watches over interests of both. Communicates with COSRT management.

Julie Fitter

Vice Chair

Supports Chair and deputises for Chair, contributes to all Executive work and planning, performs additional tasks as they arise.

Richard Simpson


Holds the Budget, sets and agrees CSRP expenditure in accordance with agreed work plan and strategy, signs invoices, keeps books, agrees and bids for extra funding where possible and relevant, authorises funding for extras. Responsible to UKCP Finance Committee.

Sarah Collings


Circulates agendas of Executive and General Meetings, keeps minutes of Executive and General meetings, records all College decisions and business. Organises CSRP elections, with Events organiser, arranges face to face meetings, (in consultation with events organiser where relevant) books teleconferences. Holds archives.

Rima Hawkins

Representatives to UKCP

UKCP Meeting Reps

Members Forum (previously Psychotherapy Council)

Attended by UKCP Management and Fellows, College Chairs and anyone else who wants to go to observe, open to all, has regional meetings. Discursive style, moderated meetings, makes recommendations from members to the Board of Trustees, addresses issues raised from the delegates. CSRP rep funded by UKCP.

Jan Hillman

UKCP Committee Reps

UKCP Education Training and Practice Committee

Sarah Collings

UKCP pays expenses of representatives attending UKCP committee meetings

College Committees/Representatives and Facilitators

Re-accreditation Facilitator

Develops and implements criteria and procedure for 5 yearly reaccreditation in collaboration with COSRT Professional Standards Manager

To be agreed

Education and Standards Representative

Develops and monitors standards of education training and practice for Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapy and Psychosexual Counselling. May form a committee to include 1 or 2 representatives to UKCP Education Training and Practice Committee, which meets about 4 times a year. Also may attend COSRT PSB meetings. Collaborates with COSRT Professional Standards Manager.

To be agreed

Events, Meetings and Membership Facilitator

Organises meetings as required by the Executive, Watches over interests of our Organisational Members (only COSRT at present) and Direct Members (currently 0). Deals with membership issues, implements the direct member renewal procedure if required.

To be agreed

Ethics, Governance and Complaints Committee

Reviews governing documents and devises a procedure for modifying them, monitors performance of the College. Representatives to UKCP and COSRT Ethics Committees if required.

Chair: Barry Gower

Communications Facilitator

Agrees and implements the ways in which internal, external and public communications are managed. Monitors the web presence and ensures it meets the needs of members.

To be agreed

Member Representative to Executive

2 members are elected by the members as voting members of Executive

Kevin Hobbs and Charmian Beer

Co-opted member at discretion of the Executive Marian O'Connor

The Officers, Chairs of Committees and Representatives make up the Executive, which is responsible for:

  1. Developing work plan and strategy in accordance with CSRP objectives and within budget, and in accordance with UKCP aims and objectives.

  2. Ensuring CSRP functions are performed according to the CSRP Constitution and UKCP Articles and Memorandum and bye laws.

  3. Communicating with the membership. Encouraging membership participation at all levels.

  4. Monitoring performance of CSRP functions.

Executive meets 4 to 6 times a year, face to face and teleconference.