Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 11th June 2016

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Registrants in Attendance

Tricia Barnes, Charmian Beer, Sally Bryans, Kate Clayton, Sarah Collings, Rose Croxford, Kareen Edwards, Frances Emeleus, Tricia Evans (for part), Julie Fitter, Barry Gower, Christopher Headon, Jan Hillman, Kevin Hobbs, Margot Huish, Violeta Jawdokimova, Sue Maxwell, Richard Newbury, Margaret Ramage, Beth Salmon, Heather Storr, Doug Stow, Judith Turner, Keltie Ward, Eleanor Wheeley,

Also Attending: Duncan Branley, Bill Brind, Sally Duncan, Rima Hawkins

Charmian Beer, as retiring Chair of CSRP, took the chair for the meeting. She welcomed all those who had remained after the COSRT CPD event closed and thanked them for staying after a full, albeit very interesting, day. She was aware that some registrants had trains to catch, and, although the meeting quorum was now met, just in case some had to leave early, she suggested that the agenda be altered to take item 4, election of Executive, before item 3, Annual Report. This was agreed unanimously. She welcomed visitors and also to their first CSRP AGM Rose Croxford, a new registrant this year, and Duncan Branley, who is just completing the formal application for registration after successfully completing the approval process.

1. Apologies for absence

Asun de Marquiegui, Sarah Fletcher, Cecilia Frend, Carole Gifford, Brenda Hill, Kath May, Jean Miller, Marian O’Connor, Sally Openshaw, Jane Seymour, Richard Simpson, Marj Thoburn, Valerie Vora, Heather Warwick, Nigel Wells, Rose Whiteley, Andrew Yates

2. The Minutes of the AGM held on 4th July 2015

These having previously been made available on the CSRP website and at the meeting, were unanimously agreed without a vote.

3. The Nominations

These were read by Charmian (as set out below) and listed in the Agenda, which those attending had received. She suggested these be taken as passed unanimously and the meeting agreed.

The new Executive is:

Chair. Position vacant. 

Vice Chair: Sarah Collings Proposed by Charmian Beer Seconded by Margaret Ramage

Hon. Treasurer. This post is vacant and will not be filled as new arrangements with UKCP mean that UKCP undertakes this function for all Colleges and we will shortly after this meeting consult on the constitutional change required to effect this.   Hon. Secretary. Richard Simpson Proposed by Margaret Ramage  Seconded by Barry Gower

UKCP Members’ Forum Representative.  Jan Hillman.  Proposed by Margaret Ramage  Seconded by Heather Storr

Elected Member.  Julie Fitter.  Proposed by Charmian Beer Seconded by Violeta Jawdokimova   Elected Member. Marian O’Connor.  Proposed by Barry Gower Seconded by Margaret Ramage

The Chair of the CSRP Ethics Committee (Barry Gower) remains as an ex officio voting member of the Executive and Charmian confirmed the intention of the New Executive to co-opt Margaret Ramage, who has agreed to continue in that capacity. A request was made for others to express interest in co-option or joining the two committees of CSRP, Ethics or Education and Training Standards, chaired by Sarah Collings.

4. The Annual Report

The Annual Report having been made available on the CSRP website, the Chair spoke to this and it was agreed unanimously, together with its incorporation as part of these minutes.

On behalf of CSRP, Richard Newbury presented Charmian with a bouquet of flowers and proposed (seconded by Jan Hillman) a vote of thanks to Charmian for all her work to establish the new College’s first Executive and keep our College well known at UKCP. This was passed unanimously and Charmian thanked all those present and all those who had served on the Executive during her time as Chair.

5. Any other business

There being no other business, the Chair formally closed the AGM, noting that it had remained within quorum throughout and thanking the registrants attending for their commitment both to the College and the AGM.