CSRP Annual Report 2015-2016

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AGM and CPD Event – 4th July 2015

The College’s third AGM was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Birmingham, on 4th July 2015 and the Executive Committee was elected as follows:  

Chair – Charmian Beer

Vice-chair – Richard Newbury

Treasurer – Heather Storr

Secretary – Barry Gower

Members’ Forum Representative – Jan Hillman

Elected Member – Sarah Collings (ETPC)

Elected Member – Violeta Jawdokimova (Events)

Co-opted members – Julie Fitter (Re-accreditation), Margaret Ramage (Communications).

After the AGM, John Bancroft gave a talk and power-point presentation on the development of Sex Therapy and the challenges it faces today, followed by a question and answer session. The day ended with a discussion on 5-yearly Reaccreditation.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has met three times since last year’s AGM – twice in London and once by Skype. Much of the committee’s work this year has again centred on Standards for Education and Training (SETs) and I’m delighted to report that the UKCP’s generic SETs will, in future, include the requirement for a knowledge of Human Sexuality and Sexual Functioning. The credit for this remarkable achievement must go to Sarah Collings, our representative on ETPC, who has worked tirelessly to effect this change and to write a briefing document for therapists who are not PST trained. Many thanks also go to Julie Fitter, who worked with Sarah on this document.  

Ethics Committee

Many thanks are due to Barry Gower, who has set up the College’s own Ethics Committee, and to Cecilia Frend and Jean Miller who have joined him on this committee. One of their first tasks was to make a detailed response to the consultation on the proposed new UKCP Code of Ethics.


CSRP has a budget for 2015-16 of £2,630, held by UKCP, so that the College does not have to keep formal financial records beyond a simple tally of expenses. At this point in the financial year the College has about £1,600 remaining.

Many thanks…

As I come to end of my three-year term as Chair of CSRP (I shall be stepping down at the end of July) there are many people I would like to thank. Firstly, I would like to thank the outgoing members of the Executive Committee: Richard Newbury for being a wonderfully supportive Vice-Chair, Heather Storr for being Treasurer, my friend, and wise member of the Committee, and Violeta Jawdokimova for bringing energy and vision to the Committee and to our College events.

Sarah Collings, Barry Gower,  Jan Hillman, Julie Fitter and Margaret Ramage remain as members of the Executive Committee, and I know they will continue the good work which they have started and been engaged in for the last three years. I’ve really enjoyed working with all the committee members, past and present, and have appreciated their good humour, expertise, and the many, many hours generously given to CSRP.

I’ve also enjoyed working with the other College Chairs at UKCP; even though UKCP itself can sometimes seem a complex and challenging organisation, I think there is now a real desire for cooperation to promote excellence in talking therapies rather than the old divisiveness of modality wars.

Charmian Beer  11th June 2016