Annual report 2016-2017

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Executive Committee

Since Charmian Beer completed her term as Chair of CSRP last July, CSRP has had no designated Chair. Sarah Collings, as Vice Chair, Barry Gower as Chair of the Ethics Committee and I, as co-opted member for various activities, have been covering the work of the Chair between the 3 of us, and increasingly sharing it with Julie Fitter, our incoming Chair who will be elected at this meeting.

Members of The Executive Committee 2016 to 2017 have been: Vice Chair: Sarah Collings, Hon. Treasurer: shared by Barry Gower and Richard Simpson, Hon. Secretary: Richard Simpson, Chair of Ethics Committee: Barry Gower, UKCP Members' Forum Representative: Jan Hillman. She also represents CSRP to the Trustees of COSRT.

3 Co-opted Members: Julie Fitter, Representative to PRCCF, Margaret Ramage, 5 yearly Reaccreditation and Communications, Rima Hawkins, Events & Meetings Facilitator.

2 Elected Member Representatives: Kevin Hobbs and Marian O’Connor

The Chair of the Ethics Committee, Barry Gower, is an ex-officio voting member

The Executive Committee is very active, meets 4 to 6 times a year and corresponds between meetings so issues can be dealt with as they arise rather than having long delays before receiving attention. The list below summarises what we have been doing.

Attending meetings of the UKCP Professional Regulatory Committee for Colleges and Faculties. This is a core committee of UKCP where the concerns and views of members are heard and taken forward within UKCP. We review documents from other colleges and pass on to our Executive and members anything which will affect them.

We reviewed our standards to ensure they are in line with UKCP revised standards 2017.

Since UKCP is currently reviewing the role of Colleges, we linked with colleagues from the College for Family Couple and Systemic Therapy to explore the potential for re-merging with them. Until 2009 we were united as one section. For now this proposal has been put aside, but may be looked at again in the future, but we will have closer links and will present a workshop on sexuality to their Annual Conference in 2018

We have links with all COSRT Course Directors to promote membership of CSRP/UKCP to their students.

We are continuing development of the 5 yearly reaccreditation policy which will be introduced very soon.

We jointly contribute to the reports to UKCP when required

We drafted  Guidelines to Raising awareness Sexuality and Gender Awareness, now published on our web site, and contributing to the Generic Standards for UKCP Psychotherapists.

CSRP Ethics Committee

The CSRP Ethics Committee (“EC”) continues to be chaired by Barry Gower. The committee from last year -- Cecilia Frend and Jean Miller – continued to serve on the EC this year, and they were joined by Duncan Branley and Doug Stow. The Executive extends thanks to them all. Others who are interested are invited to contact Barry Gower.

Barry represented the EC on the CSRP Executive and also attended the recent UKCP ethics conference for CSRP.

The EC tasks for the year were: Drafting and obtaining agreement from the CSRP Executive for terms of reference for the EC

Drafting the CSRP organisational complaints process. The first draft was approved with some amendments by the Executive and sent out for consultation to COSRT, the only organisational member of CSRP at present. Comment from COSRT is awaited, after which the EC will make any necessary revisions and present the revised draft to the Executive for approval before it is sent to UKCP for approval, as is necessary with this document which forms part of our core documents.

Drawing up a report for the Executive to consider as the CSRP response to the UKCP call for comments on the Government consultation on possible changes to the law in relation to confidentiality and safeguarding, as it applied to psychotherapy

Re-drafting the CSRP constitution to bring it up to date: this task has been set the EC by the Executive and is in hand. It is hoped to bring a draft to the Executive in the autumn of 2017

During this year, the EC has kept itself as up to date as possible on the progress of the draft new Code of Ethics for UKCP and the Standards of Practice to be added to it. They have commented when asked and been much supported in this by Sarah Collings, who attends ETPC on behalf of the Executive and comments there. The timescale of this work appears to indicate a further UKCP consultation in the course of the coming months.

Dealt with three queries from members, referring them to guidance within UKCP and COSRT

Education Training and Practice Committee of UKCP

The ETPC is like a revolving door since it constantly revisits and revises, when and where necessary, the generic UKCP SETS and documents, then subsequently those of all the Colleges. This year was the turn of Supervision, while the Child and Adolescent Proficiency Marker is still in progress, and most recently our College documents were requested. I am delighted to report that we were able to refer UKCP directly to the CSRP website where all our documents are available, and they are also available under our page on the UKCP web site.

However at the moment there is a hold on various pieces of ongoing work such as the guidelines on Safeguarding and those on Gender and Sexuality, due to the introduction of a centralised and holistic model based on the still developing new Code of Ethics. As Barry Gower CSRP’s Chair of Ethics has reported about this you will know that it has yet to go to consultation, and realistically will probably feature far more by the time of next year’s AGM.

News from UKCP

You will be aware that the troubles with the UKCP web site are now behind us, and also that communication between UKCP and the membership has increased. We receive regular bulletins from the Chair and CEO. News comes from the Media Department, with updates on UKCP involvement in public policies such as Mental Health Funding, the reduction in services for children, media involvement and other reports.

A new CEO has been appointed to take over from Janet Weisz, who has been the interim CEO. She is Prof Sarah Niblock and will start fully in September. She was previously the Head of Social Sciences, Media and Communications at Brunel University London as well as its Public Orator.

Dialogue between UKCP, BACP and other professional bodies continues. The UKCP Office will move to new premises from October. Complaints and Conduct Process continues to work well and Alternative Dispute Resolution is being investigated an option  that would avoid the lengthy and legalistic complaints process. Simplyhealth, AXA/PPP and Saga are all health insurance companies which recognise UKCP Psychotherapists as providers.

News from COSRT

All committees except the Media Committee which is newly formed are currently suspended pending a review of their structures and functions. Going forward, volunteers will all be given contracts defining their roles and responsibilities. The work of COSRT for its members is expected to continue, but with different reporting pathways and management. Richard Simpson is the CSRP representative to the Professional Standards Board where most decisions about these matters and made. He will be watching to ensure we have alignment between COSRT and UKCP standards.

Next Steps The new Executive which will take over following this election will be led by Julie Fitter. Most of the personnel are continuing to serve so there will be continuity and familiarity. Marian O'Connor steps down from the Executive as Member Representative, but will remain linked as a co-opted non-voting member of it, whilst we are pleased to welcome Charmian Beer back on board. On your behalf we thank all those who have given their time, energy and expertise for the past year.

They will press forward with 5 yearly reaccreditation, changes to the web site, improving communications between CSRP and students, managing the budget, and the other activities outlined above.