Minutes of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) Friday 16th June 2017

Held at the Union Jack Club, London SE1

Registrants in Attendance:

Margaret Ramage, Charmian Beer, Sarah Collings, Barry Gower, Richard Simpson, Jan Hillman, Kevin Hobbs, Rima Hawkins, Marian O'Connor, Tricia Evans (for part), Christopher Headon, Margot Huish, Violeta Jawdokimova, Sue Maxwell, Richard Newbury, Doug Stow, Duncan Branley, Margaret Jones, Judith C Turner, Jean Miller, Duncan Branley, Jackie Riley, Rosalind D'Ombraine Hewitt, Sally Hastings, Maggie Davies, Nicholas Carroll, Janice Lamb, Gulya Diyarova, Rose Whiteley, Jane Seymour

Annual report 2016-2017

Executive Committee

Since Charmian Beer completed her term as Chair of CSRP last July, CSRP has had no designated Chair. Sarah Collings, as Vice Chair, Barry Gower as Chair of the Ethics Committee and I, as co-opted member for various activities, have been covering the work of the Chair between the 3 of us, and increasingly sharing it with Julie Fitter, our incoming Chair who will be elected at this meeting.

Guidelines for Raising Sexuality and Gender Awareness for Psychotherapists


These guidelines are for the support and guidance of Psychotherapists and Psychotherapeutic Counsellors who may encounter clients with issues and concerns relating to gender and sexuality in the course of their work.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 11th June 2016

Registrants in Attendance

Tricia Barnes, Charmian Beer, Sally Bryans, Kate Clayton, Sarah Collings, Rose Croxford, Kareen Edwards, Frances Emeleus, Tricia Evans (for part), Julie Fitter, Barry Gower, Christopher Headon, Jan Hillman, Kevin Hobbs, Margot Huish, Violeta Jawdokimova, Sue Maxwell, Richard Newbury, Margaret Ramage, Beth Salmon, Heather Storr, Doug Stow, Judith Turner, Keltie Ward, Eleanor Wheeley,

Also Attending: Duncan Branley, Bill Brind, Sally Duncan, Rima Hawkins

CSRP Annual Report 2015-2016

AGM and CPD Event – 4th July 2015

The College’s third AGM was held at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Birmingham, on 4th July 2015 and the Executive Committee was elected as follows:  

Chair – Charmian Beer

Vice-chair – Richard Newbury

Treasurer – Heather Storr

Secretary – Barry Gower

Members’ Forum Representative – Jan Hillman

Elected Member – Sarah Collings (ETPC)

Elected Member – Violeta Jawdokimova (Events)

Co-opted members – Julie Fitter (Re-accreditation), Margaret Ramage (Communications).

Roles of Committees and Representatives



Leads the way on implementing CSRP strategy and work plan, represents the College on UKCP Colleges and Faculties Committee, (6 meetings a year, plus away day), and other UKCP meetings as required, (not many and can send deputy), produces quarterly report to UKCP Board of Trustees. Chairs CSRP Executive meetings, keeps track of what is going on! Sits between UKCP and Organisational Members (COSRT) and watches over interests of both. Communicates with COSRT management.

Julie Fitter